Map “Bring your own”

Map “Bring your own”

Our map below displays all of the shops currently sporting our sticker. You can therefore safely bring your own containers when you go and shop with them.

Zero Waste Belgium has created a sticker called “Bring your own” for retailers to display onsite. The sticker means that this particular retailer accepts and encourages their clients to bring their own containers such as their own bags, bottles, jars, etc. to do their shopping.



Appear on the map

  • Does your shop sell items in bulk and is willing to accept people’s containers but isn’t on our map yet? Get in touch with us at and we’ll make sure to send a sticker to you.
  • Do you have our sticker but can’t see your name on our map? Make sure you’ve filled in your details in the appropriate form and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • Are you eager to spread the word about this sticker in your neighborhood or become a relay point in your region? Then contact us at to see how you can help us out by joining our team of distributors.

Mij pak je niet in is also mapping shops that accept and encourage their clients to bring their own containers, find their map here.