Why less trash is so much more in everyday life

Why less trash is so much more in everyday life

This article is written by a Zero Waste Belgium member.

If I had to summarize the zero waste lifestyle into three words it would be « less is more ». First, I started it as a game, a challenge that proves that I’m « environment friendly ». I had to say goodbye to many objects and habits, and this brought me worthy benefits that i would like to share with you from the more down-to-earth side to the more spiritual aspect.

  • Less packaging shows more natural beauty of food

    Nature produces beautiful shapes and colours that you can admire when you buy food in bulk and store it in jars. Isn’t it more pleasant to see your rice/lentils/nuts through the glass of your jars than badly designed packaging full of information you never read?

  • Less plastic is more quality

    When you try to avoid plastic and its derivative, you turn your choices towards objects made out of material such as glass, metal, wood, cardboard, paper, cotton, linen, silk, stone, ceramic, argile and so on. These materials are more qualitative, sustainable and beautiful than synthetic materials. To me, plastic is synonym of poor, unhealthy, unsustainable and unstylish. Non-plastic objects upgrade your lifestyle.

  • Less trash is more beauty

    Every time you produce or see trash, it creates an unpleasant feeling and feeds your vision with negative images. The zero waste lifestyle spares you these everyday bad habits, and it makes a positive impact not only for the environment, but also for your mind. Trash is ugly, so every time you avoid it, you let the natural beauty of life be.

  • Less pollution is more wellness

    If you decide to reduce your waste, you will logically use natural products and eat organic food. What is better for nature is also better for your body. People who care for the environment or their health make the same consumption choices.

  • Less objects is more time

    Reducing waste means also questioning your essential needs and free yourself from useless and superficial stuff. When you own less, you need less time to care about your things. Being able to live with less, teach you to focus on what really matters for you.

  • Less materialism is more creativity

    Even if you used to be a shopping addict, after you decluttered your home, you realised you became a less materialistic person than you used to be. Taking distance from the need of owning objects, free your mind so you are more up to develop your skills, knowledge, thinking and creativity. What makes you truly happy is not a possession but an experience that will teach you new skills, get to know better your personality and your fellows, and let memories in your mind for life. The feelings and thinking you get from these experiences will feed your creativity.

Adopting the zero waste lifestyle changed my life and my way of thinking. It brought me more happiness and I feel much « lighter » in every sens of the word.

Cécile Lennerts

J'ai découvert le mode de vie zéro déchet fin 2014. Après une période de transition d'un an, je me suis débarrassée de ma poubelle. Depuis lors, tous mes déchets entrent dans un bocal à confiture. Trouver des astuces pour réduire mes déchets est devenu une passion que j'ai envie de partager avec tous ceux qui on envie de se simplifier la vie et vivre en phase avec leurs valeurs écologiques.